How to talk to your cat about gun control

Google search, Gmail, chrome, etc. I understand that Google is working on not associating with the pro gun media as well. You Libertarians are really a piece of work. Yet the teenie soft porn continues.

Folks, we are at WAR. Please post search terms, because I sure haven’t found any porn. As does the perverted Elsagate crap. Property rights are as important as firearm rights. Rather than continuing the incessant drumbeat, the solution is to exit the platform for someone that doesn’t abhor gun rights. Or allow any monetized content. They can pick and choose because it’s their platform.

And it is completely in our rights to say that it is stupid, shortsighted, and unfair to have a double standard. The only thing morally wrong would be if we used the government to force them to display content that they didn’t want to. You see how that works? Piss and moan all you want, people. Google can, will, and does do whatever it want with its site policies. Shut up and deal with it. Raise an army of pissers and moaners and hope that the crowd can pressure Google into doing right.

Option 4: Break up Goolag as the illegal monopoly that it is to create said alternate platforms. I don’t understand why everyone is so bent out of shape that Liberals are trying to undermine gun rights in a new way. It’s not like this is surprising. Someone with a well-established web presence needs to put-up and create a competitor for gun-related media. That’s what they said about social media, and someone went and made Gab. Turns out only the nuttiest of us went over there, and it’s barely functional. We’re not talking about a mom and pop grocer here.

This is why libertarianism doesn’t work. Government is not the only threat to your rights. Socialism and free markets are antithetical. Not only do socialist states fail, so do so called mixed economies. The US system is failing as it is. Just slower because the free market remnants are supporting it. Myself, I suspect all systems fail over time.

What would you point to as an example of an especially durable and just system? If we, as a people or civilization or nation or tribe or whatever you want to call us, hold as sacrosanct the basics of: Do not trespass against private property, do not physically violate or harm anyone’s person, and I would add: give the government NO power to regulate anything or be involved in anything ever then I would think it would work out pretty well. I would advocate for the privatization of defense and courts and arbitration. But that said, the form of government doesn’t really matter as long as the tenants of liberty are valued by the people of the land and fought for vigorously and defended. Our problem is that we have the government we deserve. We are too lazy as a people and don’t really care about our rights. Dissolution of the Empire and peaceful secession is the answer.

Demonetization is hardly the worst that can happen. Google can seize your domain name and boot you off the Internet entirely. Again, gun sites should have a disaster recovery plan in place for next time there is a high profile shooting because no one has the right to be on the Internet. We exist online at the pleasure of the SJW tech companies. YT to receive attention from the government in the form of an antitrust lawsuit to break it up. I just spent the evening watching some gun vids on Full30. 30 for our latest video about . The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. And if one controls the source of information then they control the minds of the masses. And hedonism is what they are advocating for. I’m a fairly non judgemental person, but they are demonizing the armed American and family unit. I am live and let live. If what you say is true, then authoritarian demagogues are going to capitalize on the snowflaking of this generation.